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Tot School – Letter C for Cat

Tot School Week 3 (1st – 7th April 2013) @ Debo 20 months
Alphabet: C for Cat
Theme: Pets
Colour: Yellow




Seems the box was a bit heaped, too many stuff but the box a bit small… hah…Ok, What we had for our letter box this weeks were: Candle, Cat, Cow, Corn, Cup, Chicken, Caterpillar, Clown, paper cut from magazine and sandpaper letter C.  



I wrote the words of the objects on the whiteboard and called it out one by one. Baby Debo able to recognize and called out some objects names: Cow, Cat, Corn, Cup (she called this as “BEI”.. Chinese pronunciation for cup). She recognize the object of chicken when I called out, but unable to pronounce it..I guess she only able to speak single sound words clearly for this very moment.


These were the objects that I had use for words spelling.

Resource: Moving Alphabet from Montessori Materials;



ELC Matching cards for letter C. Baby Debo able to point all the pictures correctly when I called the name but still unable to put the puzzle together.

IMG-20130406-01097 IMG-20130406-01096

We done the flash cards in both English and Chinese language, in separated days before we played the matching cards. Thumbs up for Baby Debo, as she did a very good job in matching the cards !! Although she still unable to read the words but she able to put all the words cards to the correct picture after I read out for her. She really likes animals !!

Resource: Letter Maze game from 1plus1plus1equals1 website

We initially using Crayola Washable Marker to play this game. She tried to look for letter C when I called it out (She can't really find by herself) and marked on the letter when I pointed to her, but able to find letter A and B by herself..a good improvement to her.. Good job!


We then changed to use colourful magnets to trace the letter C. Well, she tend to play with the magnets by arranging it in her own ways instead of tracing the letter. 

Resource: Confessionofahomeschooler Website

We used Crayola Washable Marker to trace the line. The photo above was done under my guidance.. looks pretty good, right?… After this, Baby Debo requested to do it by herself and here how was her work done (photo below)… She was trying to colour the flowers and butterflies instead of tracing it!!!  (~_~)



Bought it some times ago during Sogo Sales (well, in fact Sogo having Sales everyday) at a price of RM 5 each!! I saw some other place selling these for RM18 above… really glad I had bought it.


So, we play the “How’s it Different” for this week. I just picked out two sets of cards which were dog and cats set in relevant to our this week theme “PET”. Baby Debo enjoying looking and playing the cards since she was interested on animals… So, where is the difference of the cards? She not responding for what i was asking….. should be ok for first attempt in playing these cards, will try to get her “actively” involved later on.


Hape Shake and Match Shape Sorter. The wood blocks are filled with colourful beads, making some sounds that really attract kids.  I thought this was a bit heavy for Baby Debo but she likes to carry this around, like carrying a handbag.. hah, funny. She able to match all the blocks to the hole, but sometimes for the difficult blocks like half circle and trapezoid, she felt having problem to putting it in then she will insist me to put it in for her. Not a good problem solver? Or too good to be problem solver (delegate the difficult tasks to others)? (~_~)

I used three colour baskets for her to practise colour matching. What she need to do was to put the covers on the baskets according to the colours. No problem for her.. all correct, well done!!


We were doing alphabets letter peg board puzzle, which she always like to took out and play by herself. Mostly she was pulling out all the letters without putting it back, leaving it on the floor and will only “help” to putting some of it back when she saw me cleaning it up…


Baby Debo enjoying stacking few blocks up then PUSH it down… laugh loudly!! I really don’t understand what so funny about, but glad that she was enjoying her finger grasp practise.

Resource: 1plus1plus1equal1 website

Since we had miss out the Bible study lesson for letter B, so we had done it this week together with letter C. I wrote the verses on the whiteboard, reading and explaining to her before we started to sing songs from the Songs of Saplings.

Resource: 1plus1plus1equal1 website

I showed her example way of colouring by coloured the carrot but she seems not showing any interest on what I had said and insisted to DRAW on her own way instead of COLOURING…

Resource: 1plus1plus1equal1 website
Resource: 1plus1plus1equal1 website

Baby Debo keep asking for colouring, so I gave her another piece of worksheet. Is this better than the first one?



Craft work for letter C for Cat. Is this cat looks cute? Well, need to be careful in doing this because the craft was a bit soft and easy broken.

C for Clap, and we were doing clapping our hands by singing song “IF YOU ARE HAPPY”. This shouldn’t be difficult for Baby Debo as she likes to clap hand and step her feet. Here is one cute lovely video I found from youtube would like to share.. well, we also did similar as this video, haha.

What I meant for technology are the software and apps that I had use for teaching Baby Debo. In this week, I had show her Little Reader and Little Musician from Brillkids. She likes both, especially for Little Reader, she following what the actions showing in the screen, example like waving and pointing. A very interesting and useful software for kids because it make learning fun and easy for them.

Books we had for this week:

ENGLISH BOOKS: The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Animal Life Cycle Series – Crab, Domestic Animals

CHINESE BOOKS: 小鸡学游泳, 戏弄大海的螃蟹, 小猫钓鱼, 小卡咪, 大肚子蝈蝈, 小鸡和小鸭

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