Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Treasure Basket – Brown Colour


Debo loves colour treasure basket and it really works in learning colours. Kids love to explore and through treasure basket can allows kids to understand and experience things in different materials, texture, colours, sounds and etc by having different theme or topics each time. This week colour theme was brown colour and items that we had:



Square block


Brown star


Teddy bear

Brown ribbon


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Exercise – Jump Jump Hurray


Jump Jump Hurray !!! Kids love to jump and jumping is one of the way of exercising. We saw this INTEX Jump-O-Lene at Babyland SSJ with special offers price and the Daddy without second thought decided to buy it. If not mistaken it was 50% offer that time, wow… half price.. no wonder the Daddy was so crazy on that.


Well, this is how the Jump-O-Lene looks like after air filling. It is not big … is LARGE !! This has used up my big part of corner of my living room. According to its label, it shows that this can be inflates to 80 diameter which equal to 2.03m.


This is how the inside part looks like. There are two separate bouncing cushions for extra bounce. As you can see the blue colours circle, there is side of the built in ledge that allows kids to sit or play on it.

As by the warning label, this jump-o-lene is only for kids between age of three and six with weight not more than 54kg. Since I am below the weight it stated (regardless of the age please..), I had give it a try and it is really fun in playing it. Well, as a parent we must check and make sure every toys we bought for our little one are safe for them. So I guess it is not wrong for me to try first before “hand it over” to my little Debo…^_^


This is Debo playing with her new “BIG TOY”. She not brave to jump yet but still exploring it with excitement by walking inside and “inviting” her friends which are her favourite dolls to join her… haha.. She is really cute ^_^

**** Lastly… even how safe the products made, child may has the possibility falling out. For younger kids, parents please do have an eye on them while they are playing. Debo fall out once when she was jumping at the very side of the circle. ***

Tot School – Letter F for Foot

Tot School (17th June – 23rd June 2013) @ Debo 22 months
Alphabet:   F
Object:      Foot
Theme:      Body Parts

Colour:      Brown Colour

Lovely flowers and fishes which I bought in Fun n Cheer shop, but are little too big to put inside the letter box.

20130617_143751       20130623_182622

Letter box for the week: Flowers, Fishes, Footprint map, sandpaper letter, mini card for fish, frog, and fly, and lastly flamingo and fox which I bought it during the week.

This week we were learning few words that start with letter F: Flower, Frog, Fox, Fish, Foot, Fly. Debo still insist to call fish as “whale”(her whale bath toy)… but glad that she able to pronounce frog correctly ~

I stick the flash cards on the wall after showing Debo few times. English words for few days and then turning the other side of the flash cards for Chinese words.

Learn to write letter F, printable from here.
Draw on the letter F.

20130617_145026  Letter F book, printable from here.
Word spelling by using wooden letters. Debo able to match the letters correctly.

Learning parts of the body and face. I use the printout from internet, and add in Chinese words

Debo done pretty well in matching the cards after I read to her, she know the parts of the body but still not yet able to recognize the words.

20130617_151033 20130617_151128
We did some flash cards practices on body parts and taste of foods.

Since our theme for this week was Body Parts, I had made a feet and hand (printout online) for Debo to more understand her body part.

We also learning left and right by drawing Debo hands on the paper. She like it and always ask to draw her hands or even her feet on papers when she got a pen in her hand.

BIBLE STUDY20130617_145614
Bible study, just reading to Debo the verse and let her understand we should appreciate and cherish what had God gave us.

We having fun in singing these body poems and songs, Debo likes singing ^_^. Printout from

Simple flower puzzle and six pieces puzzle. Debo started knowing the skills of playing it.20130617_151004
Spot the different. Seems a bit hard to keep Debo attention in playing this sort of game.

20130617_150808Sequence cards. We had play three story this week. We started by story telling, then spot the different.

Linking memory by using cards given by Debo’s grandma, lovely cards and Debo enjoy looking at these. Story can be wild fantasy, but I am not that good in giving too much of elaboration.. haha.
My story:
There is a cat who afraid of seeing doctor, and when he know the nurse is going to give him injection, he ran away and take airplane to hid himself. He hide in hills and wonderfully he meet his friend – little bird and asked to have painting together in the jungle.
Lovely story? ^_^

20130618_12591320130620_084022Pre writing practice. Showing good progress, at least she did good work for horizontal line..  
Bought a new stamping chop from a bookstore, with big round top easy for Debo to hold and chop. Debo is good in chopping,right? haha.. she asked for more, so I just turned the other side of the paper and asked her to chop on empty paper… haha.. lazy mum.. will get her more chopping or dot paint worksheets next time..  “if I remember ~~~”  :p  

Is exercise time. Yes, Debo like to do exercise… well, I mean like to play.. haha, wondering is she a girl or boy. She done very well when I showed her the actions, especially kicking ball, her favourite, just she still not yet understand how to climb up as in the picture, but ya she always done that.. climbing up on table, chair, etc…. @_@

This was the first time in teaching Debo measuring. Since she still not yet know how to read the ruler, this was just a brief introduction on “the way” of measuring.. haha, Debo did enjoy it, pretending to measure everything around her, including my feet…



Learning the word 大(Big) and 小(Small), by using the measuring scoop. Debo able to read the word “大” after the lesson.. well, to her she want everything in BIG and MORE.


We also using Chinese flash card to match with the related picture. 

We playing music note D this week. Debo looked very serious and concentrated, moving all the cards and bell from floor to table, plus her egg toys and yoyo. Why she need the eggs and yoyo? haha… I have no idea as well ~_~….

Flower Colouring worksheet.

Debo likes to play glue, pressing hard on it but not having much glue on the paper..

20130619_092207 20130625_105103

Debo ask for pen to draw on a recycle paper, so I just asked her to draw circle.. and here was the circleSSSSS she draw…messy art ..haha.. the best shape she knew for now was circle, so she was very proud and confidence in drawing it out on the paper.

20130629_121041 20130629_121046
Debo like to draw her hands and feet on paper, but using colour paint was her first time. She like it so much and asked for more for the next few days… haha. I used her footprint and make it as butterfly.
Alphabet craft, idea from Totallytots website. Capital F for Fox and small letter f for fish.

We had letter F for fox for our this week hand craft. As usual Debo press out all the parts and I put it together.
Collection of hand craft so far.. seems  the box is too small for all these letter craft, time to get more space for them. 

20130617_150039 20130625_162125 
Since this week theme was body part, I print out a face printout from here, and used the dough to make face parts but sadly Debo didn’t appreciate my “HARD” works and roll up the dough to play… @_@
20130625_163424 20130626_104606
We played a lot of dough this week, both of us are enjoying very well… haha.. brought in the dough tools to make shapes and flowers.. I getting more interests in playing dough now..haha. We used dough to make letter F.
20130626_104922 20130626_110617
Used tools to make shapes and letters.
20130626_111207 20130626_105054
I make two roses.. nice? haha.. Mama also need to play … ^_^
After learning, I gave Debo the “teaching material – measuring scoop” to play in her little mini pool. Kids just love playing water ~~
20130629_144720 Free play with the shapes cards… because Debo found or “took” herself from the drawer. Pretty good in matching the shapes, able to recognize most of the shapes and say “star, square, heart, oval”.
20130617_151555 20130630_212716
We had read these book this week:
Whose foot is it? (Learn animals’ footprint)
三字儿歌 - 好习惯 (Chinese songs learning good habits in taking care ourselves)
Key Words with Peter and Jane 1a (start learn to read.. good book for beginner)
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