Sunday, 27 October 2013

Useful website for Chinese teaching


It is not easy to find ideas and worksheets online in teaching Chinese language. This may because most of the Chinese parents prefer to buy workbooks from bookstore rather than prepare themselves as what Western countries did. Home schooling seems not that common in Malaysia, most of my friends decided to send their kids to nursery school or kindergarten since age of three. I am very impressed on homeschooling or tot school in Western Countries. Kids are not force to study but enjoy to study.. no pressure in doing home works, interesting study methods and materials. I do appreciate the way they teach English, Geography, Bible study, Art, Music, etc, but still feel that mathematic subject are better to teach in Chinese as what I learned in my school time.

There are not much materials or printout available online for Chinese and Mathematic (in Chinese)subjects, but gladly found some website that are quite useful and interesting:

1. 学乐 (小学华文教材数码教学资源)

Created by Singapore’s Ministry of Education, Chinese lessons according to their primary and secondary school syllabus. Having articles and songs which you can choose to read for you or read it yourself.

2. e知识网

Also according to Singapore syllabus.This is a online study website that encouraging home based learning, provide supplement study materials. If you want to have full access then you will need to pay some price, however there is free trial that allow you to view and access part of the materials. It is more computer based study, utilising animations as  teaching tools.

It looks good, however, I personally do not hope my kid put too much time in front of the computer, especially when she is still a toddler, and animations can be improved.

3. 教育资源吧

Lots of teaching plan and materials on teaching all sorts of subjects and animations of stories and words writing. There are many advertisements in the website, so have to be patient in searching for the download button.

4. 悟空识字

Learning Chinese words in interesting and fun ways. Available as Ipad Apps and is totally free of charge. Love the animations .. looks pretty cute and fun. ^_^

5. 康乐华小爱心图书馆 & SJK(C) Peay Min

These are two Malaysia primary school website. In the link above, it contains lots of useful links but some links are no longer available.

6. 儿童文化馆

This website is to promote arts and culture to children, provide some lovely pictures books to read online (in animation) and games. Highly recommended


  1. My son is interested in learning Chinese. Thanks for these websites. I just clicked on them all and it looks like several will be useful and fun for him.

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