Sunday, 27 October 2013

Useful website for Chinese teaching


It is not easy to find ideas and worksheets online in teaching Chinese language. This may because most of the Chinese parents prefer to buy workbooks from bookstore rather than prepare themselves as what Western countries did. Home schooling seems not that common in Malaysia, most of my friends decided to send their kids to nursery school or kindergarten since age of three. I am very impressed on homeschooling or tot school in Western Countries. Kids are not force to study but enjoy to study.. no pressure in doing home works, interesting study methods and materials. I do appreciate the way they teach English, Geography, Bible study, Art, Music, etc, but still feel that mathematic subject are better to teach in Chinese as what I learned in my school time.

There are not much materials or printout available online for Chinese and Mathematic (in Chinese)subjects, but gladly found some website that are quite useful and interesting:

1. 学乐 (小学华文教材数码教学资源)

Created by Singapore’s Ministry of Education, Chinese lessons according to their primary and secondary school syllabus. Having articles and songs which you can choose to read for you or read it yourself.

2. e知识网

Also according to Singapore syllabus.This is a online study website that encouraging home based learning, provide supplement study materials. If you want to have full access then you will need to pay some price, however there is free trial that allow you to view and access part of the materials. It is more computer based study, utilising animations as  teaching tools.

It looks good, however, I personally do not hope my kid put too much time in front of the computer, especially when she is still a toddler, and animations can be improved.

3. 教育资源吧

Lots of teaching plan and materials on teaching all sorts of subjects and animations of stories and words writing. There are many advertisements in the website, so have to be patient in searching for the download button.

4. 悟空识字

Learning Chinese words in interesting and fun ways. Available as Ipad Apps and is totally free of charge. Love the animations .. looks pretty cute and fun. ^_^

5. 康乐华小爱心图书馆 & SJK(C) Peay Min

These are two Malaysia primary school website. In the link above, it contains lots of useful links but some links are no longer available.

6. 儿童文化馆

This website is to promote arts and culture to children, provide some lovely pictures books to read online (in animation) and games. Highly recommended

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Chinese Lesson - 华文课的开始 (早安 - 问候)



我是参考小学一年级课本,哈哈。。恰好我有一年级的参考书,可以借用一下。第一课里要学的生字有: 太阳,鸟,天,爸爸,妈妈,树,早。这次的主题是 “问候”。

开始上课之前,我们先练唱两首儿歌:早安歌 和 早安老师,都是从youtube下载的。这两首歌都很适合教课前唱,可以练习华文也可以让小朋友提起精神和活力来上课。DEBO很喜欢唱这两首歌,一直要求重唱。





“爸”= 父 + 巴,

“妈”= 女 +马,

“天”= 一+大,

“早”= 日+十



Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Tot School–Letter I for Ice Cream

Tot School (23rd July – 31st July 2013) @ Debo 23 months
Alphabet:   I
Object:      Ice Cream
Theme:      Cold Weather
Colour:      White



Ice cream bin with colourful pom pom at the bottom


Letter Box for Letter  I



We done some flash cards of animals which live in cold weather.




Right Brain Exercise

Sequence cards for ice cream making





Letter I for Iguana, small letter i for inchworm (Idea from

File Folder Game

Ice cream colours matching game

20130726_094835  20130726_09480820130724_110707  20130726_094759

Fine Motor


20130723_161552    20130723_161537

Scooping out colourful pom poms by using a small spoon. We play pretend play with the ice cream and pom poms where Debo pretending as an ice cream seller.


Debo playing with the alphabets cards which I made it for “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” theme.



Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sensory Bin - Cold Weather (Letter I Week)


The first thing comes to my mind when talking about cold weather is “ICE”. Malaysia do not have winter, so definitely we won’t able to see snow in our own country. To let Debo feel the cold weather is to make her an “Ice World”. Alright, I only manage to make a SMALL ice world for her.

We do not have polar bear nor penguin, so I tried to put all the sea animals which lives in cold weather into the ice bin. I had make a lot of ices in different shapes and add in blue food colouring to make it look like sea.



Debo add in her whale and penguin bath toy into the bin.


Debo had lots of fun playing with the animals toys and we played until all the ices melted.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Treasure Basket - White Colour


Since we were having cold weather for our weekly theme, I had prepared a white colour treasure basket for Debo as white colour is the colour that we will normally link with “COLD”.

Items we had in the treasure basket :

- Styrofoam

- Cotton pad

- Spoon

- Sealing clip

- Instant noodles cup

Saturday, 20 July 2013

DIY – Ice Cream Matching Colours


A simple and easy made game for kids, matching the ice cream felts with the colourful sticks.

What we need ?

A simple but fun for kids while learning colours.


Items needed:

1. Different colours of felts

2. Different colours of ice cream sticks or craft sticks (colours should be  able to match with the felts you have)

3. Needle and threads

How to make ?


Firstly, cut the felts into ice cream shape as above. Have two same colours of felts for one ice cream.


Sew the same colour felts together.

…. and now is all DONE !

And now is ready for play ..

Sensory Bin – Tools (Letter H Week)



This was our tools sensory bin, including Debo’s tools toys, some stationeries like scissor, double cellophane tape, white board eraser pipe cleaner and a cloth ruler. I also did some paper tools: a spanner and saw, printed out from internet.


Debo enjoying her tools sensory bin, taking out all the tools and knocking here and there acting like a craftsman.

20130716_155113 20130716_155141

We also played match the tools game. A fun and easy made game with little one. Just choose few of the tools, draw its outline on a piece of paper, and ask the kids to match the outline with the correct tools. Debo is good in matching shadow game, so this was easy for her too.

A simple sensory bin but gave lots of funs to Debo.

File Folder Game – Ice Cream Colour Matching (Letter I Week)



A lovely and fun playing file folder game where kids learn colours by matching the ice cream scoops and ice lollies with the correct cone or sticks, in terms of colours matching and words recognition. This lovely template was download from Mr Printable website.

The little pocket on the front cover can be used to store the scoops and lollies. 




To make it more solid and durable, I use foam paper as ice cream scoops and lollies instead from the printout. The colours look brighter with foam papers too.

I love this file folder game and so as Debo. It looks like an ice cream selling store, attractive and fun playing while kids can learn and keep them busy… at least for some moment.

Tot School – Letter H for Hammer

Tot School (10th July – 17th July 2013) @ Debo 23 months
Alphabet:   H
Object:      Hammer
Theme:      Tools
Colour:      Brown
Letter Box
20130710_221729  20130710_221734
Objects for the week: Hammer, Horse, Helicopter, Happy Face, Hippopotamus, Hyena, House, Heart, Honeydew, Hat
Flash cards of tools
Letter H word walls
We done some exercise after Debo studied the word walls. I called out the name and she draw on the pictures, with all correctly. 
Word puzzle, matching pictures with the words.
This was the she “write” her letter H ~
20130710_225618 20130710_225748 
20130710_225701 20130710_225633
Pre writing practise
Pasting letter H Book
20130710_230111 20130711_171034
Pasting sticker for letter H for house.
My hands book, showing what we can do with our little hands. 
Little Letter H Book, free printable from The Measured Mom website. A book that our little one can read and sing poems that start with letter H.
Sorting hammer cards from small to large.
20130710_22470320130711_171524 20130710_224922 20130717_14185320130711_091227
Putting rings into rods.
Stacking blocks.
I found a hard and thick sponge from storeroom, very good as base for knocking. I bought those colourful golf tees from Parkson, love the tees as these are light and colourful, nice for Debo to learn sorting colours. After knocking the tees on the sponge, Debo need to put the pom poms on top of the tees. This is fun playing while can help practise the young one hand-eye co ordination too.
20130711_174103 20130711_174319
20130722_163009 20130722_163025 20130722_163031
Debo likes to play water and she always volunteer to help me to watering the plants.

20130719_111104 20130719_111956
Capital H for House, small h for horse. Idea from TotallyTots.
20130713_113003 20130713_111523
This week we had three bells together C, D, E, and play some music. I had to make sure Debo can handle it nicely, at least not knocking the bells before “release” all the bells for her to play. She play the bells nicely… is she start knowing to take care of her toys or because of her fiercely mum ??  ^_^
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