Saturday, 20 July 2013

Sensory Bin – Tools (Letter H Week)



This was our tools sensory bin, including Debo’s tools toys, some stationeries like scissor, double cellophane tape, white board eraser pipe cleaner and a cloth ruler. I also did some paper tools: a spanner and saw, printed out from internet.


Debo enjoying her tools sensory bin, taking out all the tools and knocking here and there acting like a craftsman.

20130716_155113 20130716_155141

We also played match the tools game. A fun and easy made game with little one. Just choose few of the tools, draw its outline on a piece of paper, and ask the kids to match the outline with the correct tools. Debo is good in matching shadow game, so this was easy for her too.

A simple sensory bin but gave lots of funs to Debo.

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