Monday, 1 July 2013

Science – Five Sense



This week, along with the body part theme, we were going to learn about five sense: Hearing, Touching, Smelling, Seeing and Tasting.



For hearing, I had prepared three types of materials putting into six same size of bottles. I tried to look for the materials that were different in size.. something that had huge different in size. Finally what I used were: Rice, Red Bean, and Egg (toys egg.. of course ~).  Each two bottles will be having the same materials inside, and required Debo to find out which two bottles having the same materials by shaking it.



Well, this was some sort of “I Spy” game. This was to train Debo the sense of seeing and observation skills. I choose to fill up the bottle with rice as it was easily get and easier see what inside the bottle. She was pretty interested in playing this and able to call out most of the items in the bottle. The items that I prepared were: moon, star, heart shape, chicken, egg, duck, corn, tomato, apple, banana, and tree.



20130628_134659 20130628_134809

After the I spy game, now was Debo favourite activities --- pulling out the rice and scooping it from one to another bottle. Well, can treat it as fine motor skill activity too.


Before the situation lost control, I had quickly got the rice back and required Debo to play only the toys inside the bottle.



For touching, I had prepared things that are made by different types of texture, so that she could experience feeling of: soft, hard, smooth, crude, light and heavy. Items we had: Cardboard, sandpaper, block, sponge, smooth & crude handkerchiefs, thread made bookmark, mahjong paper, green felt paper, and hard board.

20130701_120802 20130701_12155420130701_121452 

Debo took out everything from the basket one by one, pressing, touching, knocking… finally, she took the handkerchief and wipe the basket. A good cleaner we have in our family … ~



For the sense of smelling, I had prepared six bottles with some cotton inside bottles in order to “store” the smell longer. Each two bottles having the same ingredient inside: Lemon, Rosemary leaves, and just cotton with some water to show none flavour smell. I tried to let Debo guess which two bottles having the same smell and she quite interested in guessing it too.



While learning sense of taste, I thought to have Debo learn the Chinese words of different types of taste.


Ingredients we had for the tasting were: Lemon (SOUR), Honey (SWEET), Salt (SALTY), Coffee (BITTERNESS). No tasting for the SPICY, but I did put a little chilli at the side just for showing the taste of spice. After all, she did tried spicy food before, when she insisted to “have” my Curry Noodles.. so she was pretty clever in identify what foods are spicy and not going to “INSIST” for it now.


Pretty funny.. She likes the honey and non stopping eating it.


Finally after showing everything, we had some cups of lemon honey juice as our tea time. ^_^

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