Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Exercise – Jump Jump Hurray


Jump Jump Hurray !!! Kids love to jump and jumping is one of the way of exercising. We saw this INTEX Jump-O-Lene at Babyland SSJ with special offers price and the Daddy without second thought decided to buy it. If not mistaken it was 50% offer that time, wow… half price.. no wonder the Daddy was so crazy on that.


Well, this is how the Jump-O-Lene looks like after air filling. It is not big … is LARGE !! This has used up my big part of corner of my living room. According to its label, it shows that this can be inflates to 80 diameter which equal to 2.03m.


This is how the inside part looks like. There are two separate bouncing cushions for extra bounce. As you can see the blue colours circle, there is side of the built in ledge that allows kids to sit or play on it.

As by the warning label, this jump-o-lene is only for kids between age of three and six with weight not more than 54kg. Since I am below the weight it stated (regardless of the age please..), I had give it a try and it is really fun in playing it. Well, as a parent we must check and make sure every toys we bought for our little one are safe for them. So I guess it is not wrong for me to try first before “hand it over” to my little Debo…^_^


This is Debo playing with her new “BIG TOY”. She not brave to jump yet but still exploring it with excitement by walking inside and “inviting” her friends which are her favourite dolls to join her… haha.. She is really cute ^_^

**** Lastly… even how safe the products made, child may has the possibility falling out. For younger kids, parents please do have an eye on them while they are playing. Debo fall out once when she was jumping at the very side of the circle. ***

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