Sunday, 23 June 2013

Pretend Play – Restaurant & Market Place

20130529_154937 As we were having food theme this week and Debo really do like cooking, so we were having pretend play on cooking and buying from market.

What we had for the our “Restaurant”:
(from left) Tiny bottles, cutlery sets, bowls, measuring cups, pouring container, cups and teapot, hamburger and pizza on plate, egg set, saucepan & pot, cooking stove, pepper & salt container, mini refrigerator, cutting board, sieve , handmade microwave oven, cookies & cutters on tray.


I bought this in KL, very nice and creative wrapping paper. We used it as our background, pretending we were in a kitchen.. ha, Debo really pay lots of attentions in finding the ingredients on the wall.


20130526_133128 20130526_133056

I had made a microwave by using a empty box.. ya.. with two handle inside the box as the medal rack. A bit lazy so just use few masking tape to hold the cardboard.. haha.

 market place

Here is our Market Place. We had market shop, bakery shop, ice cream & sweet shop, book & hat shop, and lastly was florist shop. I putted some “goods” in front of the shop for Debo to pick and buy.
To know how to make the Market Place, read on the post of DIY – Market Place.

20130529_155556 20130529_155651

When Debo saw all these shops, she really went crazy and start picking up her “ingredients”, regardless Mama (that is me).. asking her to “PAY” before take. Well, she just took her cookware and cook in front of the “market place” here….She was too enjoying HERSELF..


I thought to add in this dough with food tool in our pretend play, but the dough included inside the box was too “liquid” so it just stick at our hand and really hard to make any shape. So, we end up just playing the cookware that we had and keeping up these dough set. These were bought in Brunei… ooo… I guess I will only buy Play Dough brand in the future.

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