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Tot School – Letter E for Egg

Tot School (27 May – 8th June 2013) @ Debo 22 months
Alphabet:   E
Object:      Egg
Theme:      Foods
Colour:      Orange colour



20130526_220330 20130526_220415
What we had in our letter box: Elephant, Brown & White egg, Elk, paper cut of Eagle, and letter E sandpaper , blocks and cards.


Yes, Debo enjoying pulling out everything inside the box and place it on table. When she saw the sandpaper letter, she will put her fingers on it by herself, haha…. she seems know what she need to do when seeing the letter box. But obviously she only “TOUCH” on the cards, not really trace the letter. Well, just to let her to “feel” the letter, will put more efforts in using the sandpaper letters next year…

I wrote the words on the whiteboard and asked Debo to put it at the side of the words. She able to identify and call out the word “Egg”. Objects she able to identify was elephant and eagle but still unable to pronounce it, for envelope and elk were still new to her. 

20130526_212909    20130528_102451
Tracing letter E by using Crayola Washable Marker Pen. I printed this worksheet from here.


Marking Letter E with marker pen. I asked her to mark the Capital letter first before small letter E. She did a good job by marking our all the letter E and able to differentiate capital and small letter E… Marking  while saying “E….E…E”… At the end, she marked the two Ee at the top..ya, correct since they are also letter E… so clever ^_^
Printable from here.

20130528_141756 20130528_142339
Letter E book, printable from here. Debo was doing glue and paste job while learning the objects of E.
Pre writing exercise again.

20130526_214923 20130527_103221
Letter E for Eagle. A wonderful craft, Debo in charge of pressing the parts out and she made it softly this time after I reminded her. I had put some glue to stick the part together, in case Debo trying to pull it apart.

Since the egg is in oval shape, so I had make a ovals wheel and add in the shape card for Debo to learn oval. To know how to make this oval wheel, please refer to the DIY – Ovals Wheel post.

We did some musical note flash cards again…
For this week, we learnt something new….. Treble Cleft C note. I prepared the laminated C note card and piano key, together with hand bell of C note (or called as Do sound ) and piano apps in the tablet. This was new to Debo and she like music and things that can make sound, so she like the bell a lot. She play the bell and I play the tablet, making the same C note together. I just want to let her more familiar with the C sound so that she able to distinguish the different music notes that we going to play for the following weeks.


What poem related to egg? Of course is Humpty Dumpty. I printout the poem sequence book from


I used an egg with yolk to illustrated the story while singing the song, and Debo paste the part on the sequence book printout. I asked her to try to paste it on the square and Debo really try hard to paste it nicely at the middle of the square….pulling out and paste again when she pasted out of the box.


Lovely egg colourig page from under Easter printout.


Colour the Egg with Crayola Crayon. She did a pretty well job this week… at least she not much colour out of the egg. She keep on pressing the crayon and make dots on the empty places on the paper… why she did that? hmm… I am still wondering ~_~ …


Another printout from 1plus1plus1equals1 website for Debo to colour while learning the name of the colours.


We coloured it using two separate days because Debo ran away before finished… haha… maybe because I keep asking her not to colour out of the egg!!! … She listened and try hard to keep colour within the shape… good job my dear !! Why the purple and gray eggs were empty? Well, is my fault… I didn’t check the colour pencil before we started the activity, not realising that these two colour pencils were not in the box. I will get everything ready next time before we start the activity…


After printed out the worksheet from here, I cut out the colour eggs and paste it on the cardboard, to make it bit firm to hold by Debo. She glue the egg and pasted it inside the basket.

20130526_211817   20130603_160631

One of Debo favourite. She know what to do when seeing the paint glue and did a good job.. at least not much out of the line…  ^_^
This printout was from


20130604_164102 20130604_164246

A pretty good printout from here. I used colourful magnet and dot blocks for Debo to learn numbers.


Debo doing well for the level one blocks and getting to level two – putting two parts together to become one shape in different patterns.

Putting colourful sticks into a container with a small hole. No problems for Debo to put all into the container and she shake it out the sticks after finished putting all into it. This can keep her quiet for some moment.

20130530_122303 scoop egg
Since we have some egg toys here, so we were doing some scooping eggs. Debo got her beach basket and scooped the eggs into it… kind of creative ya … ~_~

Debo likes this alphabets peg board, almost play it everyday. She able to identify all the alphabets now but only can say out the alphabets from A to Q…. This is really helpful for Debo to learn and memorise alphabets, just hope that I can get small letter peg board later.


We used the eggs toy to learn and play. I had print out some facts of egg from here and some were made by myself (can see it in the Lapbook post later) , and Debo read it while playing the toy. We learn about yolk and shell, white and brown colour eggs, others animals who lay eggs, etc.


Since I have all these cookware in my house, so I just printed out this flipbook and arranged all the cookware in front of Debo, flipping the flipbook while introducing the cookware. Debo was interesting in exploring all the cookware by putting her hands inside the pot, open and close the cover and so on. This is to let her has some ideas on different types of cookware and what to use it for.


Debo started showing interests in puzzle now and I do glad she like it. Since she pull out this farm puzzle box out of the shell, so we just play a while (she ran away before we finish it….). I asked to guess what happen next and try to find the parts, she will try to find the correct puzzle, but insisted me to piece it up. I bought this puzzle during Popular Bookstore member sales, kind of good deal RM 9.90 for one box.


Since our theme for this week was FOOD, we did a painting by using a vege – Ladyfinger. A messy playing, chopping the ladyfinger while using hand to paint on the paper.

Capital letter for Elephant and small E for egg. Idea from TotallyTots


20130603_160550 20130526_221356

Now Debo know she must pray before eat and say “Amen” after praying. I always tell and give her idea on who is our God and Lord Jesus, read children bible for Debo and try use her words in teaching bible. This week E for Endures: Our God the Father will always “KEEP HIS PROMISE AND WORDS” … Debo understand the words “Always keep your promise” from animated story.. haha..

20130526_212426 20130530_162421
This week we were playing table setting. Very nice and wonderful printout from here, attractive and colourful. I printed out and paste the paper tableware on cardboard. Debo having lots of fun in practising her table setting skill and she able to set it well by matching the colours of the tableware.

We also learning meal time by adding in a lovely printout (refer to the lapbook post) on our dining table. Just to give Debo a brief introduction on time, will further study in time learning later on.


Debo usually will help picking up her toys after played when I had asked for and she will definitely “volunteer” to help me mop or sweep the floor when seeing me holding broom or mop, pretending she is very helpful and busy… haha.. hope she can keep in on and help me to do the rest of the housework. ^_^


English Books: Clifford series – The Big Egg Hunt, Vegetables
Chinese Books: 不可思议的妈妈(Science Picture Books about how human and animals give birth), 小象学飞 & 曹冲称象 & 象鼻子桥 (Story books about elephants)

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