Thursday, 6 June 2013

Treasure Basket – Orange Colour

I had got this idea from Counting Coconut blog, an interesting blog sharing lots of fun ideas on teaching kids. It is simple and the idea of this is to explore the children sense in all kind of areas (sound, touch, seeing, etc). What we need to do is just to gather few objects, roughly five to ten with various characteristics (shapes, texture, colour, etc) based on the topic you choose. Just find the objects around the house and use what usually can be seen by children. No cost needed, easy and fast to get it ready.

As along with our tot schooling – Letter E week with colour theme of Orange colour, topic for our first treasure basket will be Orange Basket. To make Debo further learning the colours, I had add in the orange colour card with both Chinese and English words inside the basket.

What we had in the basket?
  1. Nemo toy (Her favourite)
  2. Orange colour ice-cream stick
  3. Orange (fake one…of course)
  4. Sun made with felt
  5. Tin cover
  6. Small bowl

Debo shouted and excited seeing her Nemo toy was inside the basket… She really enjoy playing the basket, pulling out and in the objects into the basket, bringing the basket around… It is simple but fun and really do inspired children to learn, will keep on with this for our next tot schooling !!

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