Wednesday, 10 April 2013

DIY Dot Paint

Been searching for dot paint online for past few weeks, the brand that fascinated me are the Do a Dot Paint and Alex Dot and Dashes Paint. I had been searching for these two brands around the shops and through online, but can’t find any besides purchase from overseas. However, the postage fee is higher than the product price itself, making the total price of dot paint roughly RM 100 for Alex and RM 120 above for Do a Dot. I really feel not worth paying so much for postage and most important was … Papa also commented “NO!!” …so I decided to DIY a dot paint at home, idea from here.


What I need was a big coarse glue and paint (I was using Crayola Fingerpaint..). I poured out some glue into empty glue bottle as I will need to add in lots of paint into the big glue. After adding in the paints, shake the glue bottle and that’s about it. How was the result?


The colour was still a bit light and need to have much more paint pouring in, but I do feel satisfied with the result… I will use this dot paint for our next week theme – The Very Hungry Caterpillar… hope Baby Debo like it…

Will still have the impulse to buy the Do-a-Dot paint.. hope I can find it in local shop… with reasonable price !!

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