Thursday, 25 April 2013

Sensory Bin – Birds


Another interesting sensory bin --- Birds for Letter D for Duck. I divided it into two parts, grass and sand with pond. Duck is under bird category, but not all birds can fly and swim. So, I purposely separated the swam and ducks (which can swim) from chickens and bird.


What I can find for the sensory bin was: two chickens, bird, swam and ducks. I used the fake grass as the base for the chickens and brown mahjong paper as sand. I used blue foam paper as the pond and made some lotus leafs on top of it. Other materials like trees, rocks, wood, etc were from the Farm toys set.

Two ducky swimming in the pond, and little swam would like to join them too… ^_^

I tried to let Baby Debo understand not all birds can swim, but she still insisted to put everything including tchicken and rocks on the pond…. stubborn !!!! I guess she like swimming ~_~

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