Monday, 22 April 2013

My Baby’s First Tooth Gel


The first toothpaste I bought for my little one was this Koala Pals apple flavour training tooth gel… TRAINING tooth gel for children under 2 years old. We bought a tooth brush for her since she was age of 1 year old, and she did like to use (or play) it sometimes. After some understanding of toothbrush is used for cleaning the teeth, I thought it is the time for her to start using toothpaste to brush her teeth.

I used to buy household products from Melaleuca company, and from there I found this tooth gel for Baby Debo. Why is using training tooth gel? From their introduction, it showed that normal toothpaste that we are usually using contain Fluoride that can be harmful to children below 2. Thus, the American Dental Association recommends that children under 2 not ingest fluoride to lower their risks in permanent teeth discolouration. Furthermore, this Koala Pals training tooth gel is also sugar free, to prevent tooth decay for the children.

Is Baby Debo like it? Well, she just put the toothbrush into her mouth for few seconds without brushing her teeth, and when she took out the toothbrush, the tooth gel gone. I think she treat it like a sweet instead of toothpaste…headache… but at least it showed that she do like the taste of it.

Would like to share with you a video introducing this tooth gel :

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