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Tot School – Letter D for Duck

Tot School: 22nd ~ 28th April 2013 @ Baby Debo 20 months
Letter of the Week:       Letter D
Object:        Duck
Theme :      Bird
Colour:       Blue


Objects we had in our Letter Box: Dog, Dolphin, Ducks, Deer, Dinosaurs, and Doll

Baby Debo took out the objects in the letter box and pass to me while I called out the name of the objects. I put the objects on the whiteboard and wrote the name of the objects on it while repeating the words. She was familiar with Duck and Dog, still pronounce Dog as “GOU” (Chinese word for dog)….

Words learning by spelling out using movable alphabets.

Source: 1plus1plus1equals1 website
Colouring using Crayola Washable Markers.

Source: Letter Maze game from 1plus1plus1equals1 website

Letter Maze game for letter D. Baby Debo did concentrate on marking the letter D….. at the BEGINING, but started scribbling before we reached the bottom end of the maze.

Source: 1plus1plus1equals1 website
Using DIY dot paint for chopping letter D. Baby Debo doing really well… I like her works …….^_^

IMG-20130426-01546I printed out these musical notes from softcopy slides given free when I bought the set of Flash Cards from China online. I had adding in Chinese and English name of the notes at the back, laminated to make it as flash cards. I flashed in two languages, both Chinese and English in separate day to avoid confusion. Before this, I had showed her music note songs from youtube, so at least she had some little idea what these black signs are…

Source: 3dinosaurs
IMG-20130425-01534 IMG-20130425-01538
Printed out the shapes cards and adding Chinese name on it. I found some of the shape objects from her toys and DIY cutting from foam papers for those I can’t find any objects match with the shapes (trapezoid, diamond, oval, crescent). Seems so colourful.. I do like it, so do Baby Debo. She matched the shapes correctly and likes to play with the objects, especially ring shape… she likes to put the rings on her little fingers… Girls do like rings and diamong ! !@_@

She able to call out “Star", but for crescent she keep calling it as “Moon”…. well, not wrong, right?


I had been crazy in buying wrapping papers with special themes and this was one of it. As this week theme was BIRDS, I put this wrapping paper on a cardboard, wrapping it with transparent wrapper. I put this “Picture” in front of Baby Debo study table as decoration, inspired her interests and imagination on birds.

Before started the activity, I had gone through the of <Birds> with Baby Debo, where it introduce some type of birds we normally can find around us, to give her some ideas of BIRDS.
IMG-20130417-01371 IMG-20130417-01374

I bought this bird sticker from Popular Bookstore with a “not-cheap” price.. RM 9.90… where for me was consider as NOT CHEAP for just stickers, but this birds series stickers are quite good in quality and had label the birds ….in Japanese. Since the price was NOT CHEAP, so I decided to use it “WISELY” instead of just letting Baby Debo to simply stick on somewhere. 

I had made a list of name of the birds with pictures in three languages: JAPANESE, ENGLISH and CHINESE. I didn’t concentrate in teaching Baby Debo the Japanese  (I am interested in learning Japanese… so this worksheets are for me as well.. ^_^ ) …. I teach Baby Debo in both language, both Chinese and English, showing her the stickers and asked her to stick it at the correct column (matched with the picture). She liked the stickers very much and able to name the OWL and DUCK…. others BIRDS ..@_@  …. but she was able to identify some birds when I called out the name: Eagle, Chicken, and Penguin. This was a good way for some introduction on types of birds for Baby Debo.

Seems long time not playing this photographic memory game, and more practice were needed as Baby Debo had FORGOTTEN how to play !!!!!!


Sorting objects in different colours. I bought these three little basket from Giant supermarket with offered price. Colour sorting was not a big problem for Baby Debo. ^_^


Alphabets Puzzle. Previously Baby Debo only know how to pull out the alphabets but now she started putting back the alphabets on the correct place, with some guidance…big  surprise for me ^_^ … Good job !!


Lacing turtle bought from Boulevard Shopping Mall. There were four different colours turtles in a box and I had picked two out but actually just using one for playing. This seems a bit hard for Baby Debo because the holes were deep and her little fingers still unable to control it very well… just a try… keep it for later use.


Kumon Let’s Color again..!!… Love this book.. so we doing some “cooking” this week, “Bring On The Pasta”..still scribbling, but had some improvement, at least most of the “spaghetti” was draw on the plate~

Idea from Totally Tot, Capital D for Dinosaur and small d for Daisy. Baby Debo helping me to glue and paste all the parts together.


Baby Debo know what she need to do when seeing this… press and pushed out the parts… just hope she can do it in little bit more gentle.. We put the parts together and here it was… D for DOG !

Here are the four letters we had done from A to D …nice decoration, right?

 IMG-20130421-01471These were some of the books we had for this week.
Borrow from Library:
Focus on BIRDS,
Animal Life Cycle Series – Duck
鸟类(type of birds)
勇敢的小狗(story book about a brave dog)

Coincidently we had the chance to visit Taman Tumbina (Zoolgical and Botanical Garden) in Bintulu a week before we started the letter D week. Some special kind of birds can be found in this park, and this was my first time seeing Hornbill… they are very beautiful and big !! I was wondering how hard is the horn on their head…(~_~).

I was excited seeing so many special animals there.. so do Baby Debo!! She was crazy seeing animals… pointing here and there, talking her own language.. Happy to see her enjoying the trip.
IMG-20130413-01203 IMG-20130413-01196
        Hornbill                                                            Peacock
IMG-20130413-01234 IMG-20130413-01231
                Flamingo                                                          Owl
IMG-20130413-01228 IMG-20130413-01207 
               Eagle                                                       White Crested Hornbill

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