Tuesday, 16 April 2013

First Book from Book Depository – Kumon Let’s Color!

Finally… waiting nearly a month after I had made my order, finally got my Kumon Let’s Color Book. As from Book Depository website, it said country like Malaysia only need two weeks time for delivery. But after two weeks time I still haven’t received the order, so I thought maybe there was any delay or probably because I am staying in East Malaysia. At the end of 3 weeks time, I send an email to their customer service. What I appreciated was their kind customer service and prompt replies.

They provide alternative solutions for me in case I didn’t get my book: refund or resending another copy. After waiting for few more days, still no news on my order, the Daddy was wondering whether the website was trustable (with little blaming on me >_<)… so I decided request for another copy from them..just a day after I send my email… Ding Dong… here was the postman!! Yes, my book… finally… So I sending another email to them and luckily they able to stop the second copy sending out.


I just can’t wait to let Baby Debo use the book..so do she ^_^ … she was excited and curious what Mama buy for her. So here is it… our first lesson – Breakfast Time !!

IMG-20130416-01346 IMG-20130416-01349 IMG-20130416-01350

Is that looks good? Well, according to the book, kids scribbling before they know how to colour (fill colours in the blank area)… so I would say her drawing was AWESOME !!   ^_^

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