Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Lapbook for Letter A


Resource: (Capital A printable)

I made lapbook mainly to let Baby Debo to do some revision on what we had learned and for proper file keeping the printable materials. I printed Capital A letter and made the small a letter myself by using unused colour paper for tot book cover.


Here is the inside of the lapbook…What we have here:
Right column: ABC Exercise, A’s clipart for linking memory game, Apple 123
Middle Part: Life Cycle of an Apple, apple Songs and note of theme and date of the activities.
Left Column: ABC Bible and verse (Psalm 17:8)

At the back of the lapbook was Baby Debo’s first “art creation” …^_^

Here is our very first lapbook for Letter A … to know what activities we had for the week:
Letter A for Apple Week
Tot School – Letter A (Overview)

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