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Tot School – Letter B for Ball

Tot School Week 2 (25th – 31st March 2013) @ Debo 19 months
Alphabet: B for Ball
Theme: Outdoor Game

The box seems a bit small…hmm.. ok, what we had in the letter box: Sandpaper and alphabets blocks for letter B, basket, bird, balloon, small bottle, banana,bear, butterfly, box, and some paper cut that were related with B. What I like most in the box is the fake bird, sponsored by grandpa.. but Baby Debo keep on pulling the bird feather at its tail.. Oh My ~~
I asked Baby Debo to pick out what she can find in the letter box and we put it on the blanket for naming it one by one. She able to tell the word of “Bear” and “Bird”, and recognise banana and butterfly. What attracted her most was the little bottle with some sand inside, because the bottle has a ring on it and make sounds when she carried it around.
This was how the blackboard looked like after just a short while Baby Debo saw it. I think I should keep the chalk away instead of putting under the blackboard @_@

Theses clipart will be used later on for photographic memory. Since already printed and laminated, so I just used it for Debo to learn the words… have to fully utilized all the materials we have!!. I stick it on the A4 Whiteboard paper that I bought it at Daiso and wrote the words on it. This whiteboard looks convenience and indeed it is easy to carry around, just that when I wrote words on it by using whiteboard marker, the ink scatter and get blur.
Resource: Moving Alphabet from Montessori Materials; Clipart from Homeschool Creation
Spelling the objects and clipart with moving alphabets. Objects we used here were: Belt, Ball, Bird, Bear, Butterfly, Boat, and Box.

ELC Matching Cards with cards that start with letter B: Basket, Ball, Banana, Butterfly, Bed, Bear. How was she do with these? I can say that these ELC Cards do attract her interests and she able to recognise most of the cards after being taught for just once or twice… brilliant to ELC or my dear little one? Baby Debo will point to the cards that I named for, and able to call for picture with Ball and Bear, but still unable to use her fingers to put the words and picture together, more practises needed in finger grasp.
These were the Chinese flash cards (the big one) and matching cards (those small cards) that ball categorise. Flash the cards to Baby Debo in Chinese and English for few times before playing the matching cards, but sadly to say she don't really like to play these…  asked to keep all these cards away @_@….

Photographic Memory game..having some improvement in playing it. She started to understand how to play this game, just not quite accurate… location not too precisely but been having once all the clipart position was correct just right and left clipart were inverted.. I am wondering whether she having inverted brain too ..haha


We also doing Linking Memory Exercise, by using power point slide, resource from There are few different sort of clipart in a power point slide, and I had showed her few on the first day with a story linking the clipart from one to another. The next few days repeating the same story and also adding in another new clipart into the story. Pretty good right brain exercise, and Baby Debo seems quite interested to my story…. The story may not need to be logical, but creative and imagination are required.

This was the very first geography lesson for Baby Debo and for a brief introduction on world map, we started with Seven Continents. I had searched for continents songs online for quite some times and the most satisfy me are these two songs which can be found in Youtube. I had also printed out and laminated an A4 Size Continental map and continents nomenclatures cards, showing these to her while singing the continents songs. She like it and every time I sing the song, she will go and point to the continental map that I had stacked on the wall.. I do think that she know which one is Africa.. (hopefully is not my misunderstanding … )
Seven Continents Songs - (More prefer on this)
The Continents Songs -—PQNDn7g

The worksheet was from 1plus1plus1equals1 website . Baby Debo not having much interests in playing dough and just able to keep her a while before she run away for others toys…Have to add in some more interested ideas in dough playing.

IMG-20130327-00926 Logarithm wooden toy bought at Fun n Cheer shop. Baby Debo still unable to match the numbers with the dots, so we just simply use this to do fingers grasp exercise by putting the sticks and rings into the hole, and she just love to do so~ IMG-20130328-00939
Geometrical Shape Building Blocks, another wooden toy from Fun n Cheer shop. There are there boards in a box and this showing in photo is the simplest one – Level one. This is to help Baby Debo in fingers grasp practise and shapes learning. She doing it pretty good, able to put the blocks onto the board correctly and called out “STAR” when putting the star block on to the board.
She request to play this again.. transferring the pom poms into the box.



This week we having smile face stickers for Baby Debo to practice peeling stickers by using her tiny fingers. She was quite satisfy her works and requested me to stick it on the wall…I do like it too ~

Handcraft again!! Baby Debo was helping to “push” out all the pieces…had to really “LOOK” at her in doing it and remind her to push it softly, before she tear off the parts that we needed.
Final works… B for Butterfly… Nice ~

Resource: Worksheet from 1plus1plus1equals1
Colouring using Crayola Washable Markers, and since this week colour was green so I just gave her the green marker pen (Definitely cannot give more to her…for this very early stage…  as she will hold one for each hand and make everything messy….). I do like this, comparing with other, haha… at least it looked like she intended to do colouring….Funny was, she keep saying “Oh..Oh..Oh..” when she had painted out of the Ball picture, seems like she knew she should colour inside the ball....
Resource: Totally Tot website
Capital letter B for Bee while small letter for butterfly. What we need: Foam Paper (Black, Yellow, Orange colour), white felt paper, googly eye, transparency sheet and pipe cleaner
Baby Debo helping to glue and I asked her to draw straight line at the Bee’s body..well, she did a good job on it, of course with some guidance from her Mama… haha ~
Painting time.. This was Baby Debo first time using Finger paint. I had prepare the sponge letter A &B, Crayola finger paint, a drawing paper, paper plate and a cloth which is a bib I bought at IKEA. Of course the first thing was to put the bib on her in case she make her cloth dirty..sadly to say she insisted not putting it on.
IMG-20130331-00987 I try to make her get used to the paint since this was her first time doing painting, so I hold her palm with paint and press on the drawing paper. After that she started to do her own, but just using one tiny finger to draw on the paper… funny.

Baby Debo’s first drawing. IMG-20130331-00996
Since she was sitting inside the little pool, I put in some water after she finished painting and ask her to do exercise in pouring water, which she likes to do it during her meal (pouring her drink and meal from one bowl to another….). This can really keep her for a long time so I can do my housework without any disturbance… of course she was under guard by her Papa… ^_^

Baby Debo voluntary helping Mama to sweep the floor… not very helpful but good to let her practise to do housework since young.  She also “helped” to clean up the dishes (her cooking plate & bowl toy) after she cooked (after she played) and brought to the kitchen asked me to wash the dishes (her cooking toy) for her as well…@_@ … Well, at least she is having good attitude in cleaning up the environment..  

We were doing letter B exercise for this week.. Balance with one feet. Honestly I am not good in exercise, so really have no idea on how to inspire Baby Debo interests in doing it… As a result, she refuse to do it and ran away…. (~_~)~~ …. ABC Exercise idea is from Homeschoolshare website.

These were some books that I found for this week title.. letter B. She like the Eric Carle book and keep asking me to read for her. I bought this Baby Bear book from BookExcess shop located in Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya. This bookshop selling lots of books at low price, but the location is a bit far and usually traffic jam.. however, I do will go there again when I going to KL Papa, please keep the location map in your hand phone ya….hehe !!

IMG-20130328-00944 IMG-20130328-00946
Baby Debo is crazy with pen or pencil, and when she see any, she will become so energetic and keep asking for it. What was she trying to write or draw, I really had no idea but I guess this is what people said Abstract drawing.. (^_^)….
Since this week theme was outdoor game, so we brought Baby Debo to a park – Miri Public Park (Taman Awam). I believe this is the most fun park in Miri for children..why? Because inside the park is large and most important is the playground.. both dry and water playground!! Too bad I didn’t take any photo in the water playground, baby Debo not playing there too. This park is really fun and really suitable for family especially those with children.
She not so excited in playing but just keep walking around and around and around the playground… oh my.. so i just had to follow her to go around and around and around the playground. I guess she still not familiar how to play with the slide and she just follow the big sister walking up to the slide instead of sliding downward..

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