Saturday, 30 March 2013

Sensory Bin – B for Ball

What we have in our sensory bin this week were mostly paper balls and sports toys that I cut from magazine and catalogue, plus adding in two small toy bowling ball and one “real” shuttlecock from Daddy. I personally like the paper football, it looks real…haha.

The bottom of the sensory bin was fake grass which I bought it from a Super Save shop. Since the theme for this week was outdoor game, I guess grass should be suitable as the base for it, and well, normally people play sports and outdoor game on field, right? (I really rarely play sports… >_<)
We also had a real football and one big exercise ball that usually used in physical therapy or yoga. Since these two balls are too big to put into the sensory bin, so I just put them beside the bin.

Simple sensory bin, but Baby Debo love it,especially when she try to touch on the grass… she felt itchy and laugh after touching on it… enjoying ~

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