Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sensory Bin – A for Apple

As this is our first week of teaching, I had spend few weeks time in preparing the apple sensory bin.. like it !
Some fake apples with some letter A and an apple tree. The ground was fill by green bean..thought looking for green bean but never see any. Well, i guess yellow colour seem quite nice as well .
IMG-20130317-00768  IMG-20130317-00771
Those paper apples and letter A were cut from magazine and supermarket catalogue. I really like those paper apple because some really look nice and real, rather than the little apple eraser in the middle, which i bought from Daiso.

The apple tree.. the body was a craft tree that I bought it from Fun n Cheer in Seri Gombak. I added the green foam paper at the back to make it look like a big tree with leaves..adding some apples on the tree by using apple stickers where I found in at Super Save Shop in Miri.

Baby Debo like these very well, I mean the apples, she pull out the apple tree gave it to me and said :”Hmmmeh (Don’t want)” …. OOO…..

Patient is what she need to practice. After playing a while, this was the end of the sensory bin…. she up side down the bin and throw everything around …Grrrhhh…but she did help me to pick “FEW” up later before she ran away for her other toys … @_@

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