Saturday, 16 March 2013

FREE SHIPPING @ Book Depository


Wow.. so excited to find a place to buy book with FREE SHIPPING… !!!

I had been looking around for some good books for my little princess, and hopefully that is some offers or discounts. I went to some bookstores,  big bookstores with many choices and offers but still can’t find the books I had looking for. Time and petrol wasted, even there had the books but priced high. So I search online and from a mama forum I found a online book store --- Book Depository.


This is a great way to buy book for people like me, staying far from big city. The Book Depository provide many choices mostly English books, with discounted rate plus FREE SHIPPING. After converting into Malaysia Ringgit, it was even CHEAPER than purchasing in local bookstores!!!!! I don’t need to drive long way to the big book stores, using half of the day searching the books I want and hopping it having some discounts ~~ Wow… Just sit nicely at home, drinking tea while browsing the website, click click click… that’s all… books will be send directly to my house. Simple and easy.


But one point to mention here: You will need to wait for weeks & above to receive your orders. I had purchased a Kumon Colouring book.. just one…for try ^_^ … will share here once I go my order ~

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