Saturday, 25 May 2013

DIY – Market Place

I found this printout from HomeschoolShare. I just printed out the last few pages to make a market place for Debo to “get” ingredients for her restaurant pretend play. We had few shops in our market place: Bakery shop, Market shop, Florist shop, Sweet Ice cream shop, Bookstore, and shop selling hats.


Materials needed:
  1. Brown colour mahjong paper
  2. Empty boxes, can also use bags or cardboard that can make it stand alone
  3. Printout of the shops

Step by step:

  1. Print out the colourful shops and cut accordingly.
2.   Paste the mahjong paper over the empty box. I was using Debo snack box, so had to put cover it to make it look more like a “building”

3.     Glue the printout on the box, fold the “roof” nicely to make it look more 3D.

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